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Smith Sales Company Auctioneers Online Machinery Auctions USA

How to Sell

  1. Pick the sales rep in your area and make contact with them. They will go over a list of pre-qualifications with you. They will arrange a convenient time and date to come and meet with you. At this time they will contract, picture, video and inventory your items. If you're not sure of who your sales rep may be please contact us to find out.
  2. After the initial meeting, the sales rep will post your items on the internet. This will normally be approximately 25 - 30 days before they are sold.
  3. The 30 days before each auction, a multi-level marketing effort is put into place advertising your items. During this time your sales rep will be in contact with you weekly.
  4. On the auction day, the items will start closing one at a time with a one minute interval between each item. We "soft close" all auctions, so if there is a bid at the very last second, it will automatically extend the closing time on that lot by 3 minutes, thus giving everyone who was bidding on the item a chance to submit additional bids. This eliminates "snipe bidding."
  5. At the auction's conclusion, Click4Iron will bill all buyers via email. Successful buyers will send settlement directly to Click4Iron. After all funds have been collected and clear our trust account, we will notify the sellers and provide the buyers with a paid in full sales receipt.
  6. Your settlement is generally made within 12 – 14 days following the auction date.